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So, everyone wants to know how to make money from home 24-7. I must say, I am also included in that everyone. In fact, I have spent the last 3 years of my life trying to figure out how to make money from home in order to spend more time with my family and doing more of the things we enjoy. I can honestly say it hasn't always been easy but along the way I have learned some very valuable information that has helped me to keep moving forward and making more and more money with each passing month. I hope I can share some tips with you and also help you avoid some common mistakes that most all of us seem to make in the beginning stages of our quest to make money from home.

You see, 3 years ago I honestly did not know how to send an email, had no idea what a browser was, and thought you “cut and paste” with scissors and glue. In light of these things I am totally convinced that if I can make money from home, anyone can.

How do I get started? What with all the hype out there, how do I recognize a legitimate opportunity from a scam? I don’t have a lot of money to invest. Can I still get started? Do I need my own website to make money from home? Who’s going to teach me what to do?

These,and many more, are the all important questions we asked ourselves before we got started. In fact, not having all the answers to these questions keep most people from ever getting started.

I started with an online MLM opportunity. Bad move? Yes and no. Yes, I did not make any money. No, I did learn to spot good opportunities from bad through my own marketing efforts. I took what I had learned and applied it to marketing good products and services that people actually want and use instead of using the “arm twisting” tactics I was taught from the MLM business. Life became much easier for me and more profitable as well. Over time, I became proficient at affiliate marketing,(selling other peoples products) and have since developed quite a nice income that is ever growing. I did this for over 2 years without owning a website. Now I have 4 sites and working on the 5th. Learn all you can from good, honest online marketers. Most of them offer free mini courses that will keep you on track.

The truth is, making money from home has never been easier than it is today. The internet is still in its infancy stages and is evolving daily. Yes, there is more and more competition for products and services than there was in the early stages of the internet but that can be a good thing. I learned early on that all you need do is follow successful marketers to the people that spend money for those goods and services. Eventually you will learn why they are successful marketers and learn to duplicate their efforts. In some cases you will even learn to do better than the competition and possibly control a marketplace.

The basic message here is “GET STARTED NOW.” Even if you change directions down the road as I did you will learn as you go along. With a little research and determination you too can make money from home 24-7.

Robert Saville has had a great deal of success working from home over the past 3 years.
His website helps people find the information they need to start their own successful home business.

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Jonathan Carbonel said...

It's true that there are a lot more of opportunities for internet entrepeneurs, but it's also true that everyone is facing many more competitors, (especially if you have a money making blog, like you and me)

Jonathan Carbonel

designer said...

i put a link to your blog soon. thank you
Javad Aghili
desiner of FinalSense

NasrCyb said...

thanks guys... because you all give me the comments... :D

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