Targeted Blogging - 4 Quick Steps to Create More Money In Blogging

By James Krawder

The newest online trend in recent years has been blogging, the so called “art” of saying whatever you want to say but making profit by doing so. Since blogs can be listed on the internet without anyone ever actually reading them, what is the purpose of hosting or creating one yourself? Simple – a frequently updated blog can make your site more linkable and can even direct traffic to your website.

Here are four easy steps to make more money through targeted blogging:

1.Make it Pretty. A blog that is easy on the eyes is not only easier to read, but more attractive to possible clientele. The longer someone views your blog, the more likely they are to follow any links you’ve included. Also, the visual aspect of your blog can be easily aimed toward the audience you want to attract – simple, targeted blogging.

2.Make it Interesting. You don’t have to be a Pulitzer prize winner to write an interesting blog, but you do have to spend a little time with it. No one will read your blog if it is irrelevant or boring, so go ahead and add some creative flair.

3.Host it Yourself. If you can, host your blog on your personal website. It is a more difficult process, but it can lead to making your site a higher ranked site on a search engine, and can also increase other links to your site creating more traffic.

4.Target your Topic. Use your common sense here – if you are trying to attract middle aged men, don’t write your blog about make-up products. If you are trying to attract teenage girls as customers, don’t write your blog about politics. Make sure you select topics and ideas for your blog that will draw in the demographic you are aiming at in order to increase your targeted blogging traffic.

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