5 Tips in Becoming a Person of Influence With Your Home-Based Business

Becoming a person of influence is important whether you have your own home-based business or you work for someone else. There are still contributions you can make that can be a benefit to others, never sell yourself short. I have a few tips that one can follow in order to become a person of influence in whatever you set out to do in life.
1. Have Integrity - Soundness of moral character. As important as integrity is to your business success, it is even more crucial for life. Integrity is something that seems to be missing in the world around us and especially in the work place. Peoples' morals seem to have diminished these days, so if you are a person with integrity and high morals, you may seem square to some but believe me it will pay off in the end with big dividends. Integrity is our foundation, that is why it is number one on my list. The foundation is the most important part of a building as with your own life, it is that important. For without the proper foundation, the whole building will crumble around you. Nineteenth Century clergyman Phillips Brooks maintained, "character is made in the small moments of our lives." Integrity is from the inside out-how well do we treat those that can not benefit us? Integrity is something that keeps us on the right path, that inner voice that tells us something is right or not right. Always follow that small voice of your inner man! This will make you a person of influence.
2. Values Others Opinion - Are you the type of person that lifts people up, and just makes them feel good whenever they are around you? Everyone wants respect, whether they are a janitor or the owner of the company. Give others the respect they deserve and need. Make them feel success, put them in a place where they can achieve small successes, this gives them confidence to try something harder. When you encourage people, you're not only encouraging just them, but you're encouraging all the people they encourage. Always make others feel they are a 10 in your eyes, this in turn will make you a person of influence in their eyes.
3. Be Honest With Yourself & With Others - Be a person others trust, this comes by being honest with those around you. Sometimes being honest hurts, but if you want to be a person of influence, trust must be earned. Nurture trust. Take pride in the fact that people in your life trust you. It is an honor, and should be treated as such. If you actively nurture the trust you have been given you will see that others will return it. Trust others, and they will trust you and see you as a person of influence in their lives.
4. Empower Others - To empower others is giving them the confidence and the ability to make the right decisions in their life. When others see integrity in you and value in themselves from your eyes and you have earned trust from them, then you can empower them to go forward in whatever they choose in life. Having the right people in one's life is very important and is life changing, for the wrong people can be toxic to ones mind-set. Negative people can be very harmful to those that are trying to be successful in life. Choose the right people to be in your life and value those people and the relationships with them, and when you do, you are laying a foundation for empowering others and in turn empowering yourself.
5. Permission to Succeed - Believe it or not but there are some people that are scared of success. When we have successes in life, even little ones, it enables us to move forward to greater successes. Confidence in oneself and in others is vital in life and business. Novelist Robert Louis Stevenson said, "To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life." Many people would love to succeed in life but many do not, one reason is the misunderstanding of growth or change. Growth hurts and so does change but life is always changing and we either embrace change or we let it go by the way side and never live up to our potential. Change hurts, but if we never take responsibility for our growth, it won't happen. Growth is not automatic, it is ever changing and we either change with it or not. So embrace your successes in life, live with integrity, be an honest person to yourself and others. Value yourself and others in life and this will empower you to become a person of influence in everything that you set out to do.

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