Working from HOME

Working from home has become one of the fastest growing businesses over the past decade. With gas prices rising, women choosing to stay at home with their children and the commuter rate increasing, the convenience of having the ability to stay at home and make a decent living has quickly become appealing.
Unfortunately, many people searching for work from home jobs have been victimized, often times investing hundreds of dollars in work from home job scams. When considering which work from home jobs are legitimate, there are a few things that can help you separate the scams from the legitimate opportunities available.

First, consider this: you are seeking employment and so it goes without saying that you equally are expecting to be rewarded monetarily for your services. For this reason alone, one should never have to pay for a work from home job. Companies that promise ample work but require you to pay any amount of money upfront to do so are almost always scamming you. Just as you would not pay an upfront fee to work in the corporate or retail outside world, you should not pay to work from home either.
Work from homes jobs is plentiful and many are legit but you have to do your research before choosing the company you are dedicating yourself to. Reputable companies that have a good history and are legit will be listed with The Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission. At the very least, they will have a headquarter office, working phone number and staff to answer questions in person or by phone. Never work for a company that does not have a phone number listed or only has a P.O. Box as these are usually fake companies out to take your money without being able to be traced. It is also wise to ask these companies for a reference list. This is a great way to contact other employees that can vouch as to whether the business is legit.
Keep a good head on your shoulders. If something sounds too good to be true it most likely is. Many scamming companies make astronomical promises to potential employees such as there are thousands of dollars to be made in just a couple of hour's time. Realistically, this isn't plausible-if this were true everyone would be doing it! Very few get rich and do it quickly and effortlessly deals are legitimate.
The Internet is a powerful and useful tool but be wary of work from home jobs that are soliciting your through email and pop ups. Generally speaking the most reputable work from home job companies have gained their reputation grossly by word of mouth, and therefore do not need to send out massive chain emails to potential employees.
Also be wary of any work from home job opportunity where there is a requirement for you to purchase any type of equipment. This is often a red flag that the business is not legitimate and usually the equipment is very costly. Businesses that require equipment for their products generally have office or warehouse buildings that their employees work from or in.


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