5 Military Precision Methods To Increase Your Sales

By Fabian Tan

1) Follow-up
The money is in the backend! You have to capture your customer’s email address so that you can follow-up with your customer in the future with relevant products. It is harder to acquire a new customer than it is to make repeat sales from current customers.

2) Have a solid affiliate program
Offer an attractive commission to your affiliates and provide a complete set of affiliate marketing tools, including ads, emails, banners and articles. Affiliates are like your salesforce, and they work for you for free! An affiliate program can make or break an Internet business.

3) Offer an upsell
Before a customer checks out and completes his purchase, offer an upsell to an upgraded version of your product. Perhaps this upgraded version can have additional bonuses that they would not have with the ‘normal’ package. Customers here already have their credit cards in their hands, so it’s a prime time to get more sales.

4) Provide discounts
Once in a while, offer discounts to your products. Customers love discounts and will snap up your product if they had wanted to buy it but found the price out of their range. You can offer online coupons, which are all the rage these days. Discounts will keep your customers coming back for more and keeps your product in their minds.

5) Cross-sell your products
Before a customer checks out, you can also offer your other related products. You could form a joint venture with a competitor to promote each other's products on your site's thank you page or just before a customer checks out. This way, it's a win-win situation where you both benefit.

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