10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

By Amy Derby

Your blog is up and running. You're regularly posting information you think your audience will enjoy and benefit from. Now, you need to build some traffic. Here are some ways to increase blog traffic.

1. Create a feed on You'll need a free Yahoo account. Navigate to the MyYahoo page and add your blog's feed. This will get your blog indexed faster to increase blog traffic through natural searches on Yahoo and other search engines.

2. Go to and "ping" your blog every time you add a new blog post. This process notifies the major blog directories that your blog has been updated, thereby helping you increase blog traffic.

3. Submit your blog to blog directories. Some popular blog directories are:,, and

4. Submit articles to free article directories and link your blog's URL in the resource box. This will get you better page rankings and help increase blog traffic through natural searches.

5. Visit blogs related to your own and leave comments. Write something useful, rather than the all too often seen "Great blog. Now visit mine at..." types of comments, which are often deleted as spam.

6. Link to related blogs on your own blog and ask others to link to you. The more people who link to your blog, the better page rank you'll get from search engines. A good page rank will increase blog traffic.

7. Blog as often as possible. People like fresh content that is updated regularly.

8. Use signature lines to your advantage. If you post in forums, link to your blog in your sig line. Include your blog's link in your outgoing emails.

9. If you can afford it, sign up with Google's Adwords. If you're on a tight budget, you can choose the lowest option, which is 25 cents per day. You can choose to promote through keyword searches and/or through having your link placed on related sites. Both ways can increase blog traffic.

10. Consider purchasing a domain name for your blog. You can get a domain name for less than $10 per year. Unlike having a website, when you have a blog, you won't have to pay for hosting. Choose your domain name wisely. Of course, your domain name will need to relate to your blog. Choosing a keyword phrase that a lot of people who'd want to find your blog might search for is the best idea.

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One way to increase traffic would be to post on some where like these sites.

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