Affiliate Marketing Traffic - Making Use Of Classified Ads

Classified ads are usually 4 to 5 lines long that go out in the Ezine itself. They do not work that well anymore compare to the last time but it is still a cheap or free way to advertise. The skill that you will need in order for this thing to work is to have good basic copywriting skills.

The best way to make use of classified ads is to send the visitors straight to your squeeze page where you will offered them a free gift if they give you their email and name in return. Once they have opt in to your list, you will redirect them to your affiliate links so see whether they will buy the affiliate product or not. In this way, you will still be able to build your own list even if they do not buy the first time they see the affiliate product.

Once you have their detail, you will be able to build a relationship with them and contact them again and again till they buy your affiliate product or they unsubscribe from your list. This is the best way to make use of classified ads.

As most of the places where you can put classified ads are almost useless, you must know where to put your ads. The most popular and the least expensive way to put your classified will be to go to and These 2 sites got lots of traffic coming in and the Google search engines always spider the site. So make good use of these 2 websites.

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